MEGA YDC Challenge 3 (Episode 7): The Look

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

The post apocalyptic biker of neo tokyo.

I avoided to use that line as my inspiration. I have issues with stories the are overly elaborate. 🙂
BUT yes, the whole look stemmed from the cult classic Akira- which I never really finished. I just remember people exploding through telekinesis and blood splattering and lots of machines and that blob! which I thought was pretty cool back when I first saw it 10 years ago. Well, even until today.

Form always always follows function.

This is the main reason I avoid overly elaborate stories. Personally, Stories that are too elaborate tend to divert my central focus. Being the self proclaimed ‘practical’ designer that I am, I prefer working with aims than with a story at hand. Aims. hmm. Like, this being a rain or shine challenge, I wanted to something super comfortable, compact, lightweight, quick dry. An additional feature would be the compartments idea. All bikers have to stop and open their seat compartments when sudden downpour occurs, which quite frankly takes time. So, I made a vest and a jacket where the jacket can fit snugly at the back of the vest; and the wearer just has to zip the compartment open, pull the jacket out and wear. To me, it saved more time and effort. That’s what I was aiming for. Something super practical for this challenge. Of course, this being a design competition, I had to jazz everything up and make it look ‘designer’. 😀

About the look:

[The original design called for trousers. Unfortunately, a major mishap happened at the very last minute. Luckily, I had enough extra fabric and a great friend (Renan) to help me.]

Draped cover up marble textured knit asymmetrical dress with slit (Made to order). Cotton and leatherette over sized waistcoat with back pocket/compartment (Php 1950/ USD 45). Grey back monk hood asymmetrical jacket (Php 5,750/ USD132).

Yes, they are for sale.

For orders contact:


GEN M: Mega Young Designers

Every Saturday, 7pm.

Replay on Sundays, 10am.

Only at ETC :)

For more pics (including the pic of the “lost look”- the one with the trousers), please visit:


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